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"Extern_Link" for Unix

Written by Jacques Guellec, This program is an emailware, if you use it, please, send me a mail.

French version

You can get to check the integrity of the .tar.gz file. My PGP public key is in the html source of this document and on the PGP public key servers. Example:

You may distibute Extern_Link under the terms of Artistic licence.



During the test of an HTML tree structure being placed on a CDROM, the tester found that extern links (Internet) might be embarrassing. The fact of clicking on these links, if the computer is not connected to Internet is a cause of error or an attempt of connection by the computer.

So it has been decided that clicking on an extern link must opening a window that inform the user on the nature of the link and offer to continue or to stop. Example

A very simple JavaScript function do this job very well and the real work of Extern_Link software is to add this function in each HTML file of a complete tree structure and the call to this function in each link with http or ftp of each HTML file of a complete tree structure.

All this, works very well, excepted when the argument of the link is target=_blank. The reason is unknown.


Download the archive extern_link_1.0.tar.gz and untar it with a tar zxvf where you want. A extern_link_1.0 directory will be created.

Update your PATH for the new directory to be recognize by the system. In Linux the PATH is in the /etc/profile file.

What does Extern_Link do

The software goes through a tree structure or a directory ans scan all the HTML files. It begin by adding the JavaScript function and a signature at the right of a HTML closing tag. </head> or </title>. This signature avoid that another function been written by Extern_Link.

After that it go through the tree structure again and add a function call in each link with http or ftp.

If a link is for example like this:

<a href=>Web des Lilas</a>

After Extern_Link it will be like that:

<a href=javascript:onClick=extern_link('');">Web des Lilas</a>

If necessary, it will be possible to remove all the function call by running extern_link with -rmd or -rmt argument..

Set Extern_Link

There is one configuration file, extern_link.conf.


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